Dr. Esther Bong

• Doctor of Medicine (MD UKM)
• Medical Aesthetic Certification (MAC)
• Postgraduate Cert in Dermatology (AFPM)

Dr Esther Bong

Medical Officer

"Unlocking your beauty with precision of Aesthetic Medicine."

Dr Bong is from Kuching, Sarawak. She is born of 2 different cultural fusion, born from the union of Chinese heritage and local Sarawakian Bidayuh lineage. As an ambivert, she finds joy in connections, thriving amidst the harmonious exchange of laughter and camaraderie. Dr Bong has made her education across Sarawak's landscapes, starting high school in Kuching and continuing the her Matriculation in Kolej Matrikulasi Labuan, shaping a resilient mindset fostered by diverse environments. She the pursued her Medical Degree in National University of Malaysia (UKM), where the foundation for her noble vocation was laid - a journey towards healing and uplifting others. Two years were spent as Houseman in Sarawak General Hospital. After that, it was her inclination towards Aesthetic Medicine that unveiled her true calling. Dr Bong embarks on a journey within the realm of Aesthetic Medicine. Here, she discovers the transformative power of instilling confidence and fostering self-assurance in others.